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Banana kush strain – A Detail Introduction

Banana Kush is an INDICA prevailing strain that flavors and smells just like the name suggests – a good Kush and smooth blend of banana. Offering a strong body high INDICA which begins with laziness leading to full sedation, this Banana pie strain is nearly suggested and prescribed for night period use. Several will find  the banana kush very hard to stay away after two or three hits taken an hour or 2 before bed.

Banana og strain genetics

  • Skunk Haze (Banana taste)
  • Ghost OG (OG Kush relative)

It brings together Skunk Haze and Ghost OG to consume the best from parent’s strain. The banana kush flavor is what truly makes this banana strain so famous amongst the lovers of boutique strain. Skunk Haze provides it its high potency, and the OG Kush part of the straight is brought ahead in its INDICA effects. Overall it’s an amazing sun of all of its parts.

Banana Pie Strain THC level

Banana pie strain is relatively weak compared to most of the og  kush  strains currently, though it does still have quite a very high THC level. The THC level of Banana kush strain is a max of 15 to 19 percent. This’ll make you feel very stoned, particularly if you are pretty new to weed smoking. Therefore, you’d exercise some caution right before jumping in head first!

Strawnana Strain Taste

  • Sweet
  • Tropic
  • Herbal
  • Strawberry banana
  • Fruit

You’ll most likely know if you have been smoking weed for a moment that often banana kush  strains do not taste as they have, called. It’s no different. It does have a little STRAWNANA strain flavor, but it is negligible. It is definitely a lot more sweet and tropical, but you’ll get a whiff of bananas when you grind it up. If you join it with your flower VAPE, you might even feel the aroma of bananas.

Strawberry Banana Strain oil, edibles, and shatter

It is possible to make oil, edibles, or shatter and wax out any sort of  strawberry banana strain. You’ll firstly need the strain, and then you’ve to DECARBOXYLATE the weed. After this process, you can make whatever you want. It is much simpler to create edibles, but you can also make other things such as oil if you wish to get some reactive in the kitchen.

If you would like to create edibles fast and simply, you can simply use your vapor weed to make them. Get your already VAPE bud and mix it with fat or oil. This is because CBD and THC are not water-soluble. When you have mixed it then you can either utilize this mixture to cook, or just eat it straight away.

Buy banana Kush online

As this banana kush  strain is very balanced, a few users might love to try it for curbing depression. One more benefit this banana og strain has is that it is not overly strong. A few strains make depression and anxiety worse because they are potent and make the user feel uncomfortable. The combination of mind and body buzzing high is ideal for feeling uplifted, talkative, depression-free and happy. This does not work for all, but if you are looking to try for stress, want to buy banana Kush, try www.vapemods.us. This is the best and most trustworthy place to buy banana Kush online.



This is a highly popular vaping cartridge among the marijuana economy, it’s so popular online with no definite official website but with a high buzz rarely possess by a legitimate company, almost everyone wants a dank vape cartridge.

Dank Vape cartridge is claimed to have been manufactured by Dankwoods. They are initially known for utilizing Backwoods stogies to make blunts and advancing around the nation in 2018.

Dank Vapes, Dank as a company was based in Los Angeles, California, but not much can be said about the existence of the company at the moment, though, there is a diverse assortment of dank vapes still available in the e-cigarette market, many of which have generated a lot of controversies due to the many lung-related sicknesses among the users attributed to the lead poisoning in the fake dank vape.

Where you can buy Dank Vape Cartridges?

Dank Vapes are on high demand now due to the great high derived from it as compared to exotic carts, thus leading to its rise in popularity in the vaping world. But due to its popularity, many people still find it difficult to get Dank Vapes.

The question; where can I buy Dank Vapes is becoming a high search keyword on Google.com and many other search engines. Dank Vapes can mostly be gotten online from the many retailers available online and across several social networks.

Dank Vape official website

A lot can be said about this, there are so many websites online claiming to be the real websites of the Dank vape but in actual truth, the dank vape does not have an official website, only Instagram page, however, you can be sure of this by the numbers of websites that will pop when you search Google for the official website of the dank vape.

This can only happen when there are too many illegal dealers of a particular type of product trying to pose as the legitimate manufacturer, it is a call for suspicion with so many websites claiming to be the real websites of the dank vape, you won’t find a reputable company with several websites and social network pages under different names, that is where cautions needs to be applied when deciding on shopping for your dank vape cartridge.

How to spot fake dank vape

Most dank Vape smokers can’t even tell if their Dank Vapes cartridge is genuine. Every proof about the dank cartridges is rather verbal or online base, it’s almost impossible to locate an authentic source to affirm these cases.

Here’s a conventional quality contrast between the dank cartridges available online. Some cheaper carts have a mouthpiece, which flies in as opposed to fastening. Equally, low-quality carts can use a plastic mouthpiece rather than a metal or decorative one. This doesn’t imply that the Dank Vapes cartridges with an earthenware mouthpiece are certifiable; they are obviously of higher quality compare to the fake dank vapes.

There are a few things to look out for right away, First and foremost, if you reside in a state where weed is illegal, there’s a very high percentage chance you’ve bought a fake cartridge.

Secondly, if you’re paying less than $50 per gram of concentrate, it is virtually certain that you have a counterfeit cartridge. Bear in mind that cannabis concentrates have an extremely high THC or CBD content. Next, add in the taxes that suppliers and sellers have to pay. Realistically, you are looking at $80 per gram when buying real vape cartridges.

dank vape Packaging

Keep an eye out for packages with popular cartoon or video game characters on them. For example, there are Mario Kart packages that look real, but there is no reliable information on any of these brands being real or authentic.

dank vapes Cartridges

These fraudsters either add fake data on the cannabinoid content or none at all. When fake cartridges are legitimately lab-tested, they typically contain a variety of pesticides in worrying quantities. Meanwhile, people are buying these cartridges for $25 each in the belief they are receiving a bargain

Dank vape Oil

It is VERY hard to ascertain the quality of oil from Instagram images. It is easier when you have it in your possession, but if you have already bought it at that point you can forget about a refund! In general, the oil density should be thick with a strong, clear gold coloring.

Cartridges with orange or dark-colored oil are extremely likely to be faked, or you can simply turn your cartridge upside-down and watch the movement of the liquid if it moves too fast it’s probably fake, or if the bubbles move to the top, it’s probably fake as the bubble is supposed to remain in the middle.

Check the CCELL hardware

There has been some debate about whether dank cartridges use any CCELL hardware at all. Fake CCELL cartridges are an industry-wide issue in themselves, but here is one sure thing: If your Dank Vapes uses a CCELL, then it is fake, the next step to know if your Dank Vapes is a fake is to detect whether a fake CCELL hardware is being used.

The mouthpiece, not screw-in

The type of mouthpiece that the cartridge uses will help decide if it is a genuine Dank Vapes or a fake one. Danks Vapes that comes with ceramic mouthpiece are usually fake, on their official Instagram page, you will not find any of those styles of Dank Vapes carts displayed. Dank Vapes uses only transparent top, round mouthpieces on their hardware cartridge. Check for these features on the mouthpiece.

Listed under here are some of the features to look for in the mouthpiece of a Dank Vapes cart to decide whether it is real:

  • The round and circular top
  • Never screw-in
  • Not easily pop off
  • Not Steel or Ceramic

The Dank Vapes cartridge has many cheaper quality variations, so make sure to do those verifications to see if it is real. If any of the mouthpiece checks fail, your Dank Vapes cartridge is Fake.

If you see a Dank Vapes with anything other than the ones mentioned above, it is a fake, on a real dank vape, you will see a serial code on the base coiling with the letter K. But if you are having a cart with a metal flat tip like a dank vape case, you have just bought a fake.


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